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We are proud to annonce that our new line of body balms will be arriving soon. These balms are designed for everyone and is sure to please. Made from the best butters and oils. A healthy alternative to store bought chemical lotions.

Great for elbows, hands, skin, scalp, feet, legs, arms, ears, eye lids, face, nose, back, and just about everything on your body! Works great for beard and mustaches too!


This is a low scent product. However we will be releasing a few that are scented.


This balm will last a long time as it doesnt require much per application.


Available in 1 oz or 2 oz can.


Made fresh upon order, so please allow time.





Smooth Sail Balm (2 oz)

  • Open jar and use finger to warm the mix and adhere. Then apply to the targeted area as much as needed. Can make hands slippery, use caution when carrying breakable items. 

    Avoid water getting in the container as it may spoil the oils.

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