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Shipping & Returns


ION Soaps will ship as soon as possible. However some products are made fresh and may require time to cure or set. ION Soaps will advise when the products can be shipped.

Packaging may vary due to the products. 

ION Soaps will utilize the most affordable shipping carrier. We will also insure our packages as needed. We will try and get you the tracking information as soon as possible.

We will attempt to contact you regarding any shipping issues we may have, however it is up to management on how items are shipped.

You may request any information about our products if a packing sheet does not give you enough information. 

Return & Exchange Policy

ION Soaps will determine if a product should be returned or discarded. Since these are handcrafted products, shipping and returning these items may not fair well.

Contact ION Soaps for more information should you need to return any products.

Refunds are to be made at the discretion of management at ION Soaps.

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